YOI added a Yo button to our website (on the right, just above the calendar. Click it)  If you don’t know, Yo is the new “zero character” social media app that was lampooned for receiving startup capital.  On the surface, it seems silly, but it is an interesting concept.  A lot of times you don’t need content, and I thought this could be interesting to test here.  When something new is posted, we send out a Yo.  You don’t need an email or tweet telling you that something was posted, you just know.,

Besides that, it’s just sort of fun to Yo people 🙂

If you have Yo or are going to install it,  send a Yo to GONZOBREWERS and the next time we post, you should get YO’d back

The Drunk Alchemist: Rise and Fall of US Barley

The Drunk Alchemist: Rise and Fall of US Barley.

Craft beer is killing the US barley industry.

The demand for american 6-row barley is collapsing. The standard american light lager that once had a stranglehold on the american beer market is losing popularity and people are instead drinking brews that derive their sugar from 2-row barley instead of corn/rice. This shift in demand put stress on the supply of barley, and the US was forced to increase its imports (mostly from Canada).